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Attractions and sightseeing near hostel Advantage in Prague     
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Hostel Advantage

Sokolska 11-13
Prague 2

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Prague attractions close to hostel Advantage

Villa Amerika Antonin Dvorak Museum in Prague is the closest tourist attraction to Advantage hostel.
Another interesting sightseeing and places for your interest are for example St. Catherine Church and former convent, St. Longin Rotunda, St. Stephen Church, Church of Charles the Great, St. Ludmila Church, Jesuit College, St. Ignatius Church and National Museum.

Tourist attractions and sightseeing near the hostel Advantage in Prague :
Villa Amerika Antonin Dvorak Museum - Ke Karlovu 20
The Villa Amerika in the heart of Prague is a destination of many foreign visitors of this city. It is because of the exhibition about the world renowned composer Antonin Dvorak, that...
St. Catherine Church and former convent - Katerinska 30
St. Catherine Church is regarded as one of the most beautiful Baroque churches in Prague. It has a remarkable fresco decoration and a Gothic tower. There is a former convent building,...
St. Longin Rotunda - Na Rybnicku
There are three Romanesque rotundas preserved in Prague. The second oldest and also the smallest one of them is the St. Longin Rotunda in Prague New Town. It was founded in the 12th...
St. Stephen Church - Stepanska
Soon after the New Town in Prague was founded in 1348, the St. Stephen Church was built as well. It was a parish church of the lower part of the New Town. There are valuable paintings...
Church of Charles the Great - Ke Karlovu 1
Emperor Charles IV. founded a monastery and a church in Prague New Town in 1350. The church was dedicated to Charles the Great, emperor´s patron, and it was inspired by his burial chapel...
St. Ludmila Church - nam. Miru
The St. Ludmila Church is a dominant building of the Namesti Miru square in Prague´s quarter Vinohrady. This imposing neo Gothic church with two high spires was built by important architect...
Jesuit College - Karlovo namesti 36
The eastern half of the Charles Square in Prague New Town is lined by the former Jesuit College. The large building documents the importance of the Jesuit Order in Bohemia. It was built...
St. Ignatius Church - Karlovo namesti
You can see the large Church of St. Ignatius at the northern side of the Charles Square in Prague New Town. It belongs to a Jesuit residence, which was built in the area in the 17th...
National Museum - Vaclavske namesti 68
The imposing building at the top of the Wenceslas Square in Prague New Town is the National Museum. It was built in the 19th century as an important symbol of the Czech nation, struggling...
Charles Square - Karovo namesti
The Charles Square in Prague New Town is the largest square in Prague. It was founded as a central square of the New Town in the 14th century. A large park with many statues is situated...
St. Wenceslas Monument - Vaclavske namesti
Probably the best known Prague statue, and also a very popular meeting place of Prague citizens is the St. Wenceslas Monument in the upper part of the Wenceslas Square. It represents...
Faust House - Karlovo namesti 40 41
Many places in Prague are connected with various legends and mysteries. However, there is hardly a house more mysterious and storied than the Faust House at the Charles Square. A legend...
New Town City Hall - Karlovo namesti
Soon after the Prague New Town was founded in 1348, the New Town City Hall was built as well. It became an administrative centre. Several dramatic historical events happened there,...
Emaus Monastery - Vysehradska 49
The Emaus Monastery in Prague New Town is a place, where you can see the largest Gothic painting to the north of the Alps: the wall painting cycle with more than 70 scenes from the...
Prague State Opera - Wilsonova 4
Originally the New German Theater, Prague State Opera with its spacious auditorium and Rococo decorations is one of the most beautiful theater buildings in Europe. It was built by Prague...
Lucerna Palace - Stepanska 61
The Lucerna Palace in the centre of Prague is one of the best known buildings in the city. It has been a centre of cultural life since the beginning of the 20th century. It is a complex...
Wenceslas Square - Nove mesto
Wenceslas Square in Prague, New Town, is a centre of Prague citizens. It is a place, where many historical events, especially in the 20th century, took place. People gather at the square...
Church of St. Cyril and Methodius - Resslova
This Baroque church in the Resslova street in Prague New Town became well known in World War II. The assassins of the Nazi protector R. Heydrich were hidden there. There is a memorial...
Nuselsky Bridge - Nusle
The Nuselsky Bridge in Prague is exceptional due to its size and also due to reputation, that it has among Prague citizens. It is a huge concrete bridge, spanning the Nusle Valley and...
Grand Hotel Europa - Vaclavske namesti 25
The Grand Hotel Europa is a gem of the Art Noveau architecture in Prague. It has a beautiful decorative frontage and also the interior is in Art Noveau style. There are restaurants...
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