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Attractions and sightseeing near hotel Adria in Prague     
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Hotel Adria

Vaclavske namesti 26
Prague 1

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Prague attractions close to hotel Adria

Franciscan Garden in Prague is the closest tourist attraction to Adria hotel.
Another interesting sightseeing and places for your interest are for example Grand Hotel Europa, Church of Our Lady of the Snows, Wenceslas Square, Lucerna Palace, Adria Palace, Kaunitz Palace – Mucha Museum, Platyz Palace and Estates Theater.

Tourist attractions and sightseeing near the hotel Adria in Prague :
Franciscan Garden - Vchod z Vaclavskeho nam.
You can see a small garden by the Church of Our Lady of the Snows, between the Wenceslas Square and the Jungmann Square. It is a garden of the Franciscan...
Grand Hotel Europa - Vaclavske namesti 25
The Grand Hotel Europa is a gem of the Art Noveau architecture in Prague. It has a beautiful decorative frontage and also the interior is in Art Noveau...
Church of Our Lady of the Snows - Jungmannovo namesti 18
The Church of Our Lady of the Snows was supposed to be a coronation church. It was founded in 1347 as an imposing building with the highest arch of...
Wenceslas Square - Nove mesto
Wenceslas Square in Prague, New Town, is a centre of Prague citizens. It is a place, where many historical events, especially in the 20th century, took...
Lucerna Palace - Stepanska 61
The Lucerna Palace in the centre of Prague is one of the best known buildings in the city. It has been a centre of cultural life since the beginning...
Adria Palace - Jungmannova 31/36, Narodni 40
The Adria Palace in the New Town in Prague is an important modernist building. It has a Cubist facade and a huge sculptural group on the ledge of the...
Kaunitz Palace – Mucha Museum - Panska 7
The Kaunitz Palace in the New Town in Prague is a high Baroque building with splendidly decorated interior. There are many beautiful salons inside,...
Platyz Palace - Narodni trida 416/37
Platyz Palace is situated between the National Street (Narodni trida) and the Coal Market (Uhelny trh). It is one of the oldest and largest rental houses...
Estates Theater - Ovocny trh 1
The Estates Theater, built in the Enlightenment era and world famous for some important personalities performing there, is situated at the Fruit Market...
Church of St. Martin in the Wall - Martinska 8
Church of „St. Martin in the Wall“ is preserved as an almost intact medieval building, as a precious example of Romanesque and Gothic architecture....
St. Gallus Church - Havelska
The St. Gallus Church in the Old Town in Prague was founded in the 13th century together with the area around the „Gallus Town“. It was one of the four...
Carolinum - Zelezna / Ovocny trh
The Charles University in Prague was founded by Charles IV. on 7th April 1348, which makes it the oldest university north of the Alps. The Carolinum...
Na Prikope Street - Na prikope
The street Na Prikope is a promenade connecting the Wenceslas Square with the Republic Square. It is one of the most important shopping and banking...
St. Henry Church - Jindrisska
The Gothic St. Henry Church was founded as a second parish church of Prague New Town in the second half of the 14th century. The New Town, founded by...
Rosenberg Palace - Jirska 2, Prazsky hrad
This large palace is located in the Jiøská street in the area of the Prague Castle. Originally a Renaissance palace of the noble family of Rosenberg,...
Jindrisska Tower - Jindrisska
This Gothic tower, almost 66 metres high, is the tallest separate belfry in Prague. It belongs to the Church of St. Henry and Kunhuta in Prague New...
St. Wenceslas Monument - Vaclavske namesti
Probably the best known Prague statue, and also a very popular meeting place of Prague citizens is the St. Wenceslas Monument in the upper part of the...
House At the Two Golden Bears - Kozna 1/475
The large Renaissance house „At the Two Golden Bears“ is one of the oldest houses in Prague. It is situated at the corner of Melantrichova Street and...
House At the Black Madonna - Museum of Czech Cubism - Ovocny trh 19
Czech Cubism is a unique phenomenon. In the other countries, Cubism was mostly expressed in paintings and sculptures, but in the former Czechoslovakia...
Celetna Lane - Stare mesto
One of the oldest streets in Prague, Celetna Lane, connects the Old Town Square with the Republic Square. It is lined with picturesque houses, adorned...
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