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Hotel Golf

Plzenska 215/A
Prague 5

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Prague attractions close to hotel Golf

Brevnov Monastery in Prague is the closest tourist attraction to Golf hotel.
Another interesting sightseeing and places for your interest are for example Bertramka, St. Gabriel Church, Strahov Monastery, Philosophical Hall in Strahov Library, St. Roch Church, Strahov Library, Cabinet of Curiosities and Connecting Passage and Theological Hall in Strahov Library.

Tourist attractions and sightseeing near the hotel Golf in Prague :
Brevnov Monastery - Belohorska
The oldest friary in Bohemia was founded in Prague Brevnov in 993. It became a monastery of Benedictine monks.There is a complex of Baroque buildings nowadays. You can visit the St. Margaret...
Bertramka - Mozartova 2
The world´s most famous composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart has visited Prague several times and villa Bertramka is the place, where he used to stay. It became a Mozart museum, where you can see...
St. Gabriel Church - Holeckova 10
The St. Gabriel Church in Prague belonged to the former convent of Benedictines from the Beuron Congregation. It is a valuable example of the so called Beuron Art School the whole church was...
Strahov Monastery - Strahov
The large Strahov Monastery is situated near the Prague Castle. It is a seat of the Premonstratensian Order since the 12th century. It is one of the most important historical buildings in Prague....
Philosophical Hall in Strahov Library - Strahovske nadvori 1/132
Many valuable books on philosophy, astronomy, mathematics, history, philology and other subjects, are kept in the Philosophical Hall in the Strahov Library in Prague. The library belongs to...
St. Roch Church - Strahovske nadvori 1
The St. Roch Church is situated in the area of the Strahov Monastery in Prague, to the left of the entrance gateway. It is a Gothic Renaissance church, built at the expense of Holy Roman Emperor...
Strahov Library - Strahovske nadvori 1/132
The library in the Strahov Monastery in Prague played an important role in Czech history. There are about 200 000 old prints, mostly from the period between the 16th and the 18th century, around...
Cabinet of Curiosities and Connecting Passage - ve Strahovske knihovne, Strahovske nadvori 1/132
The Cabinet of Curiosities belongs to the library complex of the Strahov Monastery in Prague. It is a predecessor of modern museums: you can see various collections, especially of natural sciences,...
Theological Hall in Strahov Library - Strahovske nadvori 1/132
The library in the Strahov Monastery in Prague contains many valuable old prints. They are kept in the Theological Hall and the Philosophical Hall, and also in depositories. The Theological...
Church of the Ascension - Strahovske nadvori
The Church of the Assumption belongs to the Strahov Monastery in Prague. Originally a Romanesque basilica from the 12th century, it was rebuilt in Gothic, Renaissance and finally Baroque style....
Kinsky Summer House - Holeckova 98
The Kinsky Summer House is a richly decorated Classicist villa from the 19th century, situated in the beautiful Kinsky Garden. It belongs to the National Museum, which placed an ethnic exposition...
Strahov Picture Gallery - Strahovske nadvori 1/132
The picture gallery in the Strahov Monastery in Prague is one of the most valuable monastery galleries in Central Europe. You can see important works of art, made between the 14th and 19th...
Petrin Observation Tower - Petrinske sady
While in Prague, you will spot an Eiffel Tower lookalike on a hill above the river Vltava. It is the Petøín Observation Tower and it has really been made as an imitation of the tower in Paris....
Pohorelec - Na pohorelci
Pohorelec means „the Scene of Fire“. It is a small and quiet square in the Castle District in Prague, that burned out many times during its history. There are picturesque buildings around it...
Stefanik Observatory - Petrin 205
The Štefánik Observatory was built to make astronomy popular among public so when you visit it, you can observe the sky there. When the weather is suitable, you can observe the Sun during the...
St. Lawrence Church - Petrin
The St. Lawrence Church on Petrin Hill in Prague is one of the oldest buildings in the Lesser Town. There are legends, that it was founded already in the 10th century at the place of former...
Petrin Gardens - Petrin
Petrin Gardens are one of the largest gardens in Prague. They are situated at the Petrin Hill between the Lesser Town and Strahov. There are several places of interest there, which makes it...
Petrin Mirror Maze - Petrinske sady
Petrin Hill in the center of Prague is a good place for relaxation and entertainment. You can visit several interesting places there and the mirror maze is one you shouldn´t miss. The popular...
Villa Müller – Loos Villa - Nad Hradnim vodojemem 14
A precious example of functionalist architecture built by one of the most important modern architects Adolf Loos is situated in Prague quarter Stresovice. It was built as a residential house...
Kinsky Garden - Ujezd
The Kinsky Garden, situated on the southern slope of the Petrin Hill in Prague, was founded in the 19th century and a Classicist summer house was built there. It belonged to the Kinsky family...
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