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Attractions and sightseeing near hotel U Tri Capu in Prague     
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Hotel U Tri Capu

Valdstejnske namesti 8
Prague 1

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Prague attractions close to hotel U Tri Capu

Auersperg Palace - Clary Aldringen Palace in Prague is the closest tourist attraction to U Tri Capu hotel.
Another interesting sightseeing and places for your interest are for example Ledebour Garden, Thun Palace, Kolowrat Garden, St. Thomas Church and Monastery, Sternberg Palace - Lesser Town, Waldstein Palace, Smiricky Palace and St. Joseph´s Church.

Tourist attractions and sightseeing near the hotel U Tri Capu in Prague :
Auersperg Palace - Clary Aldringen Palace - Tomasska 17, Valdstejnske namesti 1
Auersperg Palace is an Early Baroque building opposite the Waldstein Palace in Prague Lesser Town. The long frontage and the Rococo decoration suggests,...
Ledebour Garden - Valdstejnske namesti 3, Mala Strana
There are beautiful Baroque terrace gardens on the southern slopes below the Prague Castle. They belong to the former aristocratic residences, that´s...
Thun Palace - Snemovni 4
The Thun Palace is the main building of the Chamber of Deputies of Czech Parliament in Prague. There is the hall, where the representatives sit, rooms...
Kolowrat Garden - U Prazskeho hradu
Kolowrat Garden is one of the Baroque terrace gardens, situated on the southern slopes under the Prague Castle. They belonged to aristocratic residences...
St. Thomas Church and Monastery - Letenska
Church of St. Thomas in the Lesser Town is one of the oldest Prague churches. It was built as a Gothic basilica in the middle ages and it belonged to...
Sternberg Palace - Lesser Town - Malostranske namesti 7/19
Sternberg Palace at the Lesser Town Square played an important part in the national history. The idea to make a first public picture gallery, a predecessor...
Waldstein Palace - Valdstejnske namesti
Imperial Generalissimo Albrecht of Waldstein, one of the most important personalities in Bohemia in the 17th century, had built an ostentatious residence...
Smiricky Palace - Malostranske nam. 6/18
The Renaissance building on the corner of the Lesser Town Square and the Snemovni Street in Prague is the Smiricky Palace. It was built in the beginning...
St. Joseph´s Church - Josefska
The Baroque Church of St. Joseph in Prague Lesser Town was built for a Carmelites Convent in the 17th century. The foundation stone was laid down by...
Lesser Town City Hall - Malostranske nam. 2, 21
There is a Renaissance building of the former Lesser Town City Hall at the Lesser Town Square in Prague, near the Charles Bridge. It was the centre...
Grömling Palace - Malostranske namesti 5/28
Grömling Palace at the Lesser Town Square is one of the most important Rococo buildings in Prague. It has typical Rococo features and decoration. A...
Lesser Town Square - Malostranske namesti
Mostecka Street will lead you from the Charles Bridge to the Lesser Town Square. The coronation parades of Bohemian Kings went the same way in the...
Lobkowicz Palace - Jirska 3, Prazsky hrad
The Lobkowicz Palace at the Prague Castle used to be a residence of the noble family of Lobkowicz. Various concerts and exhibitions are held there nowadays...
All Saints Chapel - Prazsky hrad (Stary kralovsky palac)
The origin of the All Saints Chapel in the Old Royal Palace, situated in the 3rd Courtyard of the Prague Castle, goes back to the 12th century. It was...
St. Nicolas Church - Lesser Town - Malostranske namesti
St. Nicholas Church at the Lesser Town Square is the most important high Baroque building in Prague. The impressive cupola is more than 70 metres high...
Black Tower - Prazsky hrad
The Black Tower is one of the oldest existing buildings in Prague. It was built in 1135 as an eastern gate of the Romanesque fortification of the Prague...
St. George´s Convent - namesti U Svateho Jiri 33/IV, Prazsky hrad
St. George´s Convent at the Prague Castle was the first monastery in Bohemia. It was founded by Premyslid Duke Boleslav II. in 973, after the Prague...
St. George´s Basilica - namesti U Svateho Jiri , Prazsky hrad
The second oldest Prague church and the oldest one preserved at the Prague Castle that´s the St George´s Basilica. It is also one of the most important...
Lichtenstein Palace - Ledebour Palace - Malostranske namesti 13
The large building at the western side of the Lesser Town Square is the Lichtenstein Palace. It was built in the 16th century as the first large Baroque...
Fürstenberg Gardens - u Prazskeho hradu
The Small Fürstenberg Garden near the Prague Castle is a beautiful, impressive Rococo terrace garden. The combination of architectural features and...
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