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Attractions and sightseeing near hotel Zlata Hvezda in Prague     
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Hotel Zlata Hvezda

Nerudova 48
Prague 1

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Prague attractions close to hotel Zlata Hvezda

Schwarzenberg Palace in Prague is the closest tourist attraction to Zlata Hvezda hotel.
Another interesting sightseeing and places for your interest are for example The Castle District City Hall, Castle Square, Tuscany Palace, House At the Stone Column, Sternberg Palace, Italian Hospital, Archbishop´s Palace and Hrzan Palace.

Tourist attractions and sightseeing near the hotel Zlata Hvezda in Prague :
Schwarzenberg Palace - Hradcanske namesti 2
The Schwarzenberg Palace at the Castle Square near the Prague Castle is one of the most imposing Renaissance buildings in Prague. It is well preserved and largely...
The Castle District City Hall - Loretanska 1
The Castle District in Prague is an old quarter, founded already in 1320. It became a „Royal Town“ in 1598. There is the Prague Castle, many aristocratic residences...
Castle Square - Hradcanske namesti
If you visit the Prague Castle, you should definitely see the view from the ramp at the Castle Square. It is one of the best lookout places in Prague. The Castle...
Tuscany Palace - Hradcanske namesti 5
The Tuscany Palace is one of the dominant buildings of the Castle Square in front of the Prague Castle. It was built as an aristocratic residence in the 17th century...
House At the Stone Column - Uvoz 24
The Baroque house „At the Stone Column“ in the Castle District in Prague is decorated with valuable sculptures. There is a house symbol of the stone column with...
Sternberg Palace - Hradcanske namesti 15
Sternberg Palace is one of the noble residences, surrounding the Prague Castle. Its outstanding architecture and rich decoration makes it an important example of...
Italian Hospital - Vlasska 34
The present cultural centre of the Italian Embassy in Prague is a historical building, where an Italian hospital used to be since the 17th century. It cared especially...
Archbishop´s Palace - Hradcanske namesti 16
The imposing Archbishop´s Palace at the Castle Square by the Prague Castle has been the seat of Prague Archbishops continually since the 16th century. It was rebuilt...
Hrzan Palace - Loretanska 9
Hrzan Palace is one of the oldest houses in the Castle District in Prague. It is situated in Loretanska Street, which leads from one important historical place to...
Prague Castle - Hradcany
The Prague Castle has been a seat of Czech rulers, kings, Holy Roman Emperors and later presidents since the 9th century. It is the largest ancient castle in the...
Martinic Palace - Hradcanske namesti 8
When you visit the Prague Castle, don´t forget to look around at the Castle Square before the main entrance. There are several historical palaces and the Martinic...
Lobkowicz Palace - Lesser Town - Vlasska 19
The Lobkowicz Palace in the Lesser Town in Prague is one of the most important High Baroque buildings in the city. It was projected by renowned architects and there...
Nerudova Street - Nerudova
This picturesque street connects the Lesser Town with the Prague Castle. It is a part of the „Royal Way“ the way of the coronation parades in the past. You can see...
Garden on the Bastion - U Prazskeho hradu
Garden on the Bastion belongs to the gardens of the Prague Castle and it is a real gem of them. It was projected by Josip Plecnik in 1920s in the style of Italian...
Matthias Gate - Prazsky hrad (mezi 1.a 2.nadvorim)
When you visit the Prague Castle, you will go through the Matthias Gate from the first castle courtyard to the second one. It is the earliest work of Baroque architecture...
Representation rooms - Prazsky hrad
All the official visitors of the Czech Republic, such as presidents and delegates, are welcomed in the representation rooms of the New Palace at the Prague Castle....
Chapel of the Holy Cross - Prazsky hrad (2.nadvori)
You can find the Chapel of the Holy Cross in the 2nd Prague Castle Courtyard. It was built in 1763 and it became temporarily a treasury of the St. Vitus Cathedral...
Leopold´s Fountain - Prazsky hrad (2.nadvori)
There is an early Baroque fountain in the middle of the 2nd Prague Castle courtyard. It is called Leopold´s Fountain, sometimes also Lion Fountain because of its...
Paradise Garden - U Prazskeho hradu
The Paradise Garden is one of the Southern Gardens of the Prague Castle. If you enter these gardens from the New Castle Staircase, this one is the first that you...
Palace of the Lords of Hradec - Zamecke schody 3, Thunovska 25
The Palace of the Lords of Hradec in Prague has preserved its Renaissance appearance to the present day. The front of the palace has a row of gables, typical for...
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