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Attractions and sightseeing near hotel Best Western Pav in Prague     
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Hotel Best Western Pav

Kremencova 13
Prague 1

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Prague attractions close to hotel Best Western Pav

U Fleku Brewery and Restaurant in Prague is the closest tourist attraction to Best Western Pav hotel.
Another interesting sightseeing and places for your interest are for example St. Adalbert Church, Zofin Palace, Church of St. Ursula, Sitkovska Tower, National Street, Church of St. Cyril and Methodius, New Town City Hall and National Theater.

Tourist attractions and sightseeing near the hotel Best Western Pav in Prague :
U Fleku Brewery and Restaurant - Kremencova 11
U Fleku is one of the best known breweries in the Czech Republic. The history of brewing there goes back to the 15th century. The interior is equipped with historically looking...
St. Adalbert Church - Vojtesska
The Gothic St. Adalbert Church was built in the 14th century in the area of a former cemetery. The first mention of the church is from 1318. It stands on a small square in Prague...
Zofin Palace - Slovansky ostrov 226
The Zofin Palace is situated on an island in the river Vltava, opposite the National Theater in Prague. It is a neo Renaissance building, where important balls, concerts of classical...
Church of St. Ursula - Narodni 8
The Baroque Church of St. Ursula in the lively Narodni street in Prague has an unusual orientation: it is turned with its side frontage to the street. It is because of the lack...
Sitkovska Tower - Masarykovo nabrezi
If you travel along Vltava riverside in Prague Old Town, you will see, among others, an old stone water tower with a cupola. It stands next to the Manes Gallery on the bank of the...
National Street - Narodni trida
The lively National Street is situated in Prague New Town. There are important historical buildings, such as the National Theater, located there. You can see some modernist houses,...
Church of St. Cyril and Methodius - Resslova
This Baroque church in the Resslova street in Prague New Town became well known in World War II. The assassins of the Nazi protector R. Heydrich were hidden there. There is a memorial...
New Town City Hall - Karlovo namesti
Soon after the Prague New Town was founded in 1348, the New Town City Hall was built as well. It became an administrative centre. Several dramatic historical events happened there,...
National Theater - Narodni 223/2
The magnificent building with gilded roof at the quay of the river Vltava in Prague New Town is the National Theater. It is an institution of great importance for Czech people:...
Lazansky Palace – Cafe Slavia - Narodni trida 1, Smetanovo nabrezi 2
If you are looking for an extraordinary place to have a coffee or a drink in Prague, don´t look any further. Cafe Slavia in the Lazansky Palace in the New Town is the oldest cafe...
Charles Square - Karovo namesti
The Charles Square in Prague New Town is the largest square in Prague. It was founded as a central square of the New Town in the 14th century. A large park with many statues is...
The Dancing House - Rasinovo nabrezi 80
The Dancing House is one of the most interesting Prague houses built at the end of the 20th century. It represents a man and a woman, dancing together. It was regarded as very controversial...
Konvikt - Bartolomejska 11
The former residence of Jesuit students from rich families, called Konvikt, is situated in the Old Town in Prague. It is a complex of buildings with interesting history. Originally...
Rotunda of the Holy Cross - Karoliny Svetle
The oldest Romanesque rotunda in Prague, the Rotunda of the Holy Cross, is situated at the corner of Konviktska Street and Karoliny Svetle Street in Prague Old Town. It was built...
St. Ignatius Church - Karlovo namesti
You can see the large Church of St. Ignatius at the northern side of the Charles Square in Prague New Town. It belongs to a Jesuit residence, which was built in the area in the...
Church of St. Martin in the Wall - Martinska 8
Church of „St. Martin in the Wall“ is preserved as an almost intact medieval building, as a precious example of Romanesque and Gothic architecture. It is situated in Prague Old...
Platyz Palace - Narodni trida 416/37
Platyz Palace is situated between the National Street (Narodni trida) and the Coal Market (Uhelny trh). It is one of the oldest and largest rental houses in Prague. It is a complex...
Kranner´s Fountain - Smetanovo nabrezi
Kranner´s Fountain, also called „the Homage of Czech Estates“ is a Neo gothic monument, situated in a park at the riverside in Prague Old Town. It was intended as a homage to the...
Shooter´s Island - Strelecky ostrov
The Shooter´s Island (Strelecky Ostrov) on the river Vltava is situated in the centre of Prague, under the bridge Most Legii. There is a pleasant park, providing great view on the...
Adria Palace - Jungmannova 31/36, Narodni 40
The Adria Palace in the New Town in Prague is an important modernist building. It has a Cubist facade and a huge sculptural group on the ledge of the parapet. The famous theater...
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