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Prague Castle

Hradcany, Prague 1

The Prague Castle has been a seat of Czech rulers, kings, Holy Roman Emperors and later presidents since the 9th century. It is the largest ancient castle in the world. There are many important historical buildings in the area of the Prague Castle such as the monumental St. Vitus Cathedral, the Old Royal Palace, the originally Romanesque St. George´s Basilica, aristocratic residences and many more. The Prague Castle has been rebuilt many times through the centuries, so it is a splendid mix of architectural styles. It is situated on a hill on the left bank of river Vltava and it makes the typical beautiful Prague panorama.
Prague Castle on map of Prague:
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0.04km (0.02miles)Representation rooms - Prazsky hrad, Prague 1
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0.06km (0.03miles)Archbishop´s Palace - Hradcanske namesti 16, Prague 1
0.07km (0.04miles)Chapel of the Holy Cross - Prazsky hrad (2.nadvori), Prague 1
0.08km (0.05miles)Sternberg Palace - Hradcanske namesti 15, Prague 1
0.09km (0.05miles)Leopold´s Fountain - Prazsky hrad (2.nadvori), Prague 1
0.11km (0.07miles)Paradise Garden - U Prazskeho hradu, Prague 1
0.12km (0.07miles)Prague Castle Gallery - Prazsky hrad, Prague 1
0.12km (0.07miles)Castle Square - Hradcanske namesti, Prague 1
Hotels close to Prague Castle
0.14km (0.09miles)Hotel Dum U Cerveneho Lva - Nerudova 41, Prague 1
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0.24km (0.15miles)Hotel Sax - Jansky Vrsek 3, Prague 1
0.48km (0.29miles)Hotel U Tri Capu - Valdstejnske namesti 8, Prague 1
0.51km (0.32miles)Hotel Waldstein - Valdstejnske namesti 6, Prague 1
0.58km (0.36miles)Hotel U Modreho Klice - Letenska 14, Prague 1
0.65km (0.4miles)Hotel Biskupsky Dum - Drazickeho namesti 6/62, Prague 1

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